Karma the Flying Pitbull

Journal of a Disc Dog Named Karma

About Me

Karma PortraitMy name is Karma Golden and I’m a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier. My Dad (LeRoy Golden) and I travel the country performing exhibitions and competing in Frisbee® competitions. My favorite category is Freestyle, but Dad says I’m really fast in Throw/Catch and Accuracy too.

I’m also a therapy dog which means I visit older folks in nursing homes and sick children in the hospital. I love to see their faces light up when I give them kisses. They like petting me and I like it too!

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. That includes my Mom, Dad and all my canine brothers and sisters in Fulshear, TX. We have a lot of room to run around, play and practice my disc sports.

If you would like me to come visit you or put on an exhibition for your event, business, civic group, church or other organization please email my Dad. I can’t type, so he’ll get back to you ASAP!!

What I have been doing since I was adopted

Born 6/2005


February – caught her first disc

March – joined Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club

April – UFO Major Houston – 3RD place novice T/C

May – Skyhounds Regional Dallas 3rd novice freestyle

August – UFO major/Quad Denver – 5th novice T/C UFO, 5th men’s division Quad

December – UFO major last chance qualifier Dallas 14th overall (first open freestyle)

Featured in an article in “Rescue to Rally” magazine

Featured in an article in “Bully Breeds” Magazine Volume 21


February – injured left rear hock, surgery to install stainless steel plate

August – UFO major/Quad Denver 30th freestyle, 38th overall, 11th men’s division Quad

August – Skyhounds local Alvin — T/C 2nd

October – UFO major/Texas State Championship/Long shot – 12th overall, 11th T/C 4th, long shot


February – Central Florida Flying Disc Challenge – 12th overall, 6th freestyle, 36th D/A

March – USDDN Pearland – 7th Super Open, Qualified as alternate to finals

March – Certified Therapy Dog, visits troubled teens

April – Skyhounds Dallas – 9th overall, 8th freestyle

August – UFO major/Quad Denver – 27th overall, 29th freestyle, 34th T/C/26th Quad

September – UFO major/AWI Naperville – 54th overall, AWI 18th overall

September – UFO local Dallas – 13th overall, 11th freestyle, 3rd TC

October – UFO local – Houston 6th overall

October – USDDN finals Atlanta – 37th Super Open

October – UFO major last chance qualifier Houston – 11th overall, 11th freestyle, 32th TC

Featured in an article in “Rocky Mountain Dog” Magazine

Featured in an online interview with “Houston Chronicle” news paper


February – Central Florida Flying Disc Challenge/AWI – AWI 8th freestyle, 17th overall, CFFDC tied 1st  D/A, 20th overall

March – USDDN/AWI Houston – AWI 3rd first round freestyle/DNF second round, USDDN 7th Super Open qualified as an alternate to national finals

May – UFO major Houston – 4th freestyle, 4th overall, qualified for national finals

June – Partially torn ACL, TPLO surgery performed 5/20/2010

July – Recovery this really sucks 4 weeks after surgery at least 4 more to go before I can start training, July 19th appointment for release……back to playing

July – Animal Farm Foundation Achievement Award for helping improve lives and reputations for dogs like me.

October – USDDN finals Alanta our first competition since surgery, did OK wish I would have had more time to get ready

October – UFO finals San Diego did OK ended up 26th in the world not bad for being off over half the season look out next year


March – USDDN Houston finished 4th in freestyle and qualified for the National Finals in Atlanta

May – UFO Local Dallas Texas finished 8th gotta work on the toss and catch

May – UFO Major in Houston finished 3rd in freestyle (I’m an All Star) and qualified for the National Finals in freestyle in Dallas Texas

July – AWI qualifier East Durham NY finished 2nd and qualified for the National Finals in freestyle in Grey Summit Mo

July – Quadruped won my heat and placed fourth